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Spirituality may be understood because the data of a actuality that lies past the bodily self and types the very core of the bodily beings. A religious particular person goes into the basic trigger or supply of all materials actuality which cannot be seen or felt.

All dwelling realities include a physique and a soul or the spark of spirit. Whereas our bodies are distinct and altering each second, the spirit is everlasting and similar in all. Thus the thoughts of a religious particular person continues to be and experiences peace and happiness whereas the thoughts of a cloth particular person is turbulent and experiences pleasure and ache.

All human beings are born religious as Jesus stated, “Man doesn’t stay by bread alone”. No man may be comfortable merely by satisfying the physique like different animals. He has to fulfill his soul to stay. All of the happiness and pleasure within the lifetime of man comes solely from the satisfaction of physique and soul. Whereas the satisfaction of physique is momentary because it lasts just for some time, the satisfaction of soul is lasting which brings everlasting happiness and pleasure within the lifetime of man.

Thus spirituality is the true indication of the happiness of an individual.

The Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Scientists have developed many strategies to measure the Intelligence of an individual, calling it the Intelligence Quotient (IQ). IQ has been broadly utilized by the schools to pick the scholar for the graduate programs. The assessments like GRE or SAT measures the intelligence of the scholar. IQ can also be an essential standards adopted by company to pick their workers as they’ve discovered from their expertise that folks with excessive IQ have higher potential to resolve issues.

It has additionally been established by many research that folks of excessive IQ are extra profitable of their skilled and private lives.

But there isn’t any assure the individuals of excessive IQ should even be happier of their life than the much less clever individuals as happiness comes from inside and doesn’t depend upon the fabric success of the particular person on this world.

The happiness of the particular person doesn’t depend upon his IQ however relies upon solely on his religious Quotient (SQ).

The Religious Quotient

Spirituality of an individual is tough to measure similar to happiness. The reason being that whereas the physique and thoughts of the particular person may be seen or measured, the spirit cannot be measured by any instrument.

Nonetheless, each particular person is aware of his spirit which is the supply of his ideas, believes and feelings. Therefore he can is aware of himself for certain the reality of his soul.

Spirituality isn’t measurable by the actions of the particular person. One can go to Church or temple day by day with out believing God in any respect. There is no such thing as a technique to measure beliefs, truths and love. One may also idiot the world by doing motion and talking phrases opposite to his ideas and believes.

Therefore one needs to be completely trustworthy in answering the questions for the SQ Check because it if for the Self and never for others. No materials advantages can accrue by getting excessive SQ rating.

Keep in mind, you may idiot all individuals on the earth however you may by no means idiot your self.

So be trustworthy whereas measuring your personal SQ as excessive SQ is a sign of your lasting happiness. You clues of excessive SQ is hidden within the check itself, which might at all times be used to extend SQ and obtain extra everlasting happiness in life.

Religious Quotient Check

Reply the next questions honestly.

There are 5 solutions of every query. The solutions and the marks assigned are as following

1. Completely True (10 marks)

2. Very True (eight marks)

three. Partially True (6 marks)

four. In all probability True (four marks)

5. Not often True (2 marks)

6. Not True ( zero marks)

Q1: I consider that God is One.

Q2: I consider that God is formless and current in all beings.

Q3: I really like all individuals and really feel compassion for all dwelling being.

This fall: I earn sufficient to stay a cushty life and I don’t wish to accumulate wealth

Q5: I’m comfortable being myself and don’t search energy.

Q6: I respect my dad and mom and elders.

Q7: I search good for all and I don’t like violence.

Q8: I at all times converse Fact.

Q9: I really like my partner and don’t intend to commit adultery.

Q10: I at all times take care of individuals in a approach I’d have wish to be dealt myself.

Add all of your rating and your Religious Quotient. The upper is your rating, the extra religious you might be in your life and extra everlasting is your happiness and pleasure within the life.

With a view to understand how these questions measure spirituality, we’ve got to know the essence of spirituality.

The Essence of Spirituality

The ten inquiries to measure SQ are usually not actually totally different from one another however could also be treaded because the braches of the identical tree as a religious particular person sees unity in all diversities on this universe.

The detailed evaluation of the questions would reveal that all of them emanates from the identical spirit which is key and everlasting as defined in following paras.

(I) God is One

Each faith provides a special identify for the God. God is thought in several religions as Yahweh, Christ, Allah, Krishna, Ram, Shiva, Buddha, Mom and many others. He’s additionally referred as Supreme, Power, Spirit, Love by nonreligious particular person. All scriptures present a special identify and outline of God. Thus for an peculiar particular person, all religions are totally different and all Gods are totally different.

Nonetheless a religious particular person is aware of that all of them discuss with the identical God as there cannot be a number of Gods based mostly on the religion of the particular person.

(II) God is An Omnipresent Spirit

Most individuals perceive God by some type. Some individuals worship the idols of God of their temple or church buildings. Others think about the phrases of God as sacrosanct. Nonetheless, one who sees God in Idols or types can by no means be religious as no two idols may be similar. A typical temple of Hindu is inhabited by a number of Gods or Goddess like Krishna, Rama, Kali, Shiva and many others. Even Christianity consider within the Trinity of God i.e. God the Father, God the Son (Christ) and Holy Spirit. Judaism and Islam consider within the Oneness of God. But there are main variations within the description of God.

Thus it’s not straightforward to grasp God as One except one makes use of instinct and creativeness. If God is One, then He can by no means be described by phrases and Types for the easy motive that all of them represents a selected idea of divinity which is restricted which God is everlasting and omnipresent. He needs to be a Spirit or Power which is current in all creations. A religious particular person due to this fact sees the identical God in each particular person no matter his faith, race or nationality as a result of His presence in all.

(III) Love All Beings

A religious particular person sees God in all together with himself. Therefore everybody robotically turns into an extension of the self. Thus he loves each particular person because the self. Nonetheless, a cloth particular person sees himself totally different from others, his faith totally different from others, his nation totally different from others or his race totally different from others. Due to this fact, he can by no means love others because the self. All distinction results in hatred as no two individuals can assume alike or do similar issues. Thus one can simply know the extent of his religious progress by simply observing how many individuals he loves.

If one can love each one together with his enemies, he’s really a religious particular person.

(IV) Wealth is A Means Solely

Whereas most individuals are longing to earn as a lot wealth as they’ll and stay a life or consolation and luxurious, a religious particular person sees wealth solely as a method to realize God. He lives to not eat however eat solely to stay. As soon as his primary requirements are happy, he doesn’t need to accumulate wealth. One can by no means be materialistic and religious on the similar time.

A seeker of God doesn’t go after wealth.

(V) Hate Energy

The idea of particular person energy runs fairly opposite to the religious world. It’s effectively stated that energy corrupts and absolute energy corrupt completely. Particular person energy at all times challenges the ability of God. The universe is ideal in itself as something that’s created by God needs to be excellent. Nonetheless, as a result of limitation of our data, we regularly discover the world as imperfect and attempt to make it excellent by means of drive. Most of us have restricted energy; therefore we use it solely in our household or dependents. But one who has extra energy makes use of it in opposition to numerous individuals. Nonetheless, it’s seen from expertise that every one such makes an attempt of adjusting the world by drive has lastly failed as unlimitedly solely the Fact or God wins.

(VI) Respect Dad and mom

Man is introduced into this world from the flesh and blood of his dad and mom. Dad and mom additionally play an important position in deliver up the kid and make him stand on his personal toes. Nonetheless, when dad and mom change into weak and desires the help of their youngsters, usually youngsters ditch them. For a cloth particular person, it doesn’t make any sense to return the favour to their dad and mom because the dad and mom can by no means pay again the favour once more. Nonetheless, a religious particular person at all times respects their dad and mom as his very existence got here from them. He feels obliged to feed the supply that created them on the first place.

Respecting dad and mom is an indication of gratitude and humility. One who isn’t grateful to his dad and mom, cannot be grateful to God or his Creator.

(VII) Nonviolence

Violence is the simplest technique to get outcomes. The coverage of “an eye fixed for an eye fixed” is as outdated because the civilization itself. Nonetheless, violence at all times results in extra violence. The basis explanation for violence is as a result of separateness one feels with the others. If an individual feels that everybody is created from the identical spirit and have the identical God, he can by no means resort to violence not solely in deeds however even in ideas. You’ll be able to by no means use violence in opposition to your self nonetheless improper you could have executed. You’re at all times capable of finding some motive and a few justification for all of your acts

(VIII) Fact is God

Fact is an important character of a religious particular person as Fact is among the manifestations of God. God like Fact is everlasting and omnipresent. Whereas materialistic persons are at all times pushed by their need to build up wealth and adjustments the course of life based mostly on the tide of the stream, the religious particular person can by no means discard reality for the sake of something on this world. Fact is at all times per God and it’s Fact that creates religion and belief.

(IX) Adultery is Sensuous

Coveting the partner or wealth of different is the certain manifestation of the enslavement of the particular person to his senses and the physique. Adultery is unacceptable to a religious particular person it quantity to dishonest to the partner for the sake of sensual pleasure. For the religious particular person, nothing is as essential as having the religion and belief of the associate. He cannot place confidence in the God if he fails to have religion of his partner.

(X) The Golden Rule

Treating others as one would love others to deal with him is probably the most pure motion of all religious individuals as they don’t distinguish between self and others. Even when they need, they cannot deal with others as any totally different from their very own selves.

Spirituality Brings Happiness

Spirituality is usually related to different worldliness. Nothing may be farther from reality. A Religious particular person goes past the physique and discovers the true drive of the physique. Thus he understands the trigger and impact of the world extra precisely than any scientist. As a scientist can stop mishaps by predicting climate and cyclones, the religious particular person avoids ache and distress by his higher understands of the world. He earns the belief and religion of the individuals by his selfless service to them and by trusting them. Thus the Religious Quotient of an individual measures the spirituality or the non-material nature of the particular person which really displays the quotient of his happiness and pleasure.

Source by Dr Awdhesh Singh

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