Regional Security Manager, Africa, Kampala

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This position will be based in Kampala, Uganda and will report to the Global Director of Security in Washington DC.


Lead Field Office Security Strategy

  • Review, revise and implement comprehensive security strategies and operational protocols for IJM Field Offices, including evacuation and contingency plans for each office;
  • Conduct regular and ongoing reviews and inspections of current security procedures, policies and systems;
  • Collaborate with field office and regional leadership to ensure Regional and Field Office security strategies appropriately support IJM program priorities.
  • Creates a regional risk assessment, risk mitigation plans, monitoring systems, and evaluates the consequences of risk and risk mitigation measures;
  • Monitors change in context across the region and triggers for mitigation;
  • Develops, from conception to implementation, a community acceptance strategy framework that can be applied across the region;
  • Oversees and coordinates country security plan updates, ensuring countries maintain realistic and current risk assessments, mitigation measures, and emergency action plans;
  • Ensures risk assessments for new project or emergency response locations are conducted accurately and timely;
  • Identifies training opportunities for regional and country staff, and ensures staff has adequate time to engage in appropriate level training opportunities; and
  • Provide in-country surge capacity for fields when required.

Threat Analysis & Response

  • Evaluate current political, social and climatic conditions for possible threats to the safety and security of Field Office staff;
  • Provide guidance to field office staff and leadership, including recommendations for the safety, security and protection of staff at all times.
  • Provide technical oversight and strong support to the country security managers / focal points;
  • Train, coach, and mentor staff at all levels on integrated security and leadership development, in order to strengthen their skills in their own professional area. This is toward the goal of mainstreaming / integrating security management into all project designs, country strategies, and departmental policies and procedures;
  • Lead an internal regional security focal point network for the purpose of coaching, peer support, and personal development;
  • Represent IJM externally and in interagency forums; and
  • Support the Global Director of Corporate Security in the implementation of Security and Threat Assessments using standard tools and processes, as and when needed.

Operational Support & Crisis Management

  • Ensure security of IJM staff and clients, ensure implementation of all security protocols;
  • Establish and monitor office access control mechanisms for IJM premises;
  • Assist in the selection/supervision of office guards, where relevant;
  • Ensure compliance with fire regulations and train office staff in fire/building evacuation plans;
  • Provide on-the-ground leadership in response to critical incidents in the region, and provide input to office and regional leadership on crisis management;
  • Provide on-the-ground leadership during potential security risks and threats arising from changing political, social or economic contexts where IJM field offices are located;
  • Monitor national and regional security incident reporting and ensure appropriate dissemination of information during emergencies;
  • Manage security requirements for special events, including Trips to the Field visits by donors, VIPs, etc;
  • Provide early warning updates and mitigation expertise to the country offices;
  • Manage the incident impact on the region;
  • Support the Global Security Director and Country Directors with incident response, reporting and post-incident action and follow-up;
  • Conduct yearly drills and scenario exercises to build incident response capacities in the field;
  • Lend expertise to country security managers during and after incident; and
  • Maintain updated staff lists, including details of visitors and consultants.

Capacity Building

  • Train field office staff in security strategies and operational and travel protocols;
  • Ensure security and contingency plans are incorporated into all IJM programming in the region;
  • Facilitate communication to ensure field office staff are equipped with adequate knowledge, tools and resources to comply with security protocols and best practices throughout the region.

IJM-internal coordination

  • Liaise with Field Office Director, Regional HQ team and Global Director of Corporate Security to provide regular reporting and updates on security issues in the region.


Required Skills and Experience

  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in managing security operations, preferably for non-profit or foreign-based organizations;
  • Experience in security guard supervision preferable;
  • Experience in VIP protection preferable;
  • Expertise in the analysis of security threats, risks and vulnerability in Africa Region;
  • Experience in crisis management preferred;
  • Strong oral and written communications skills;
  • Fluency in oral and written communication in English; and
  • Competent in Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Critical Qualities

  • Mature orthodox Christian faith as defined by the Apostles’ Creed;
  • Professional demeanor;
  • Attention to detail and disciplined with priorities;
  • Patient; work well under stress;
  • Personable; sustained positive attitude;
  • Diplomatic and flexible;
  • Effective team player and decisive leader; and
  • Able to achieve goals in a cross-cultural setting.

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Travel Requirements

After initial three months, position will require approximately 3 weeks of travel to IJM’s field offices in the Africa Region per year.

*What is a statement of faith?
A statement of faith should describe your Christian faith and how you see it as relevant to your involvement with IJM. The statement may be submitted as a separate document and should include, at a minimum, a description of your spiritual disciplines (prayer, study, etc.) and your current fellowship or place of worship.


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