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The M&E specialist will report to the Director Water Resources through the Project Coordinator as well as to UNDP country office for all project’s substantive M&E related issues. S(he) shall from time to time report to the Regional Coordination Unit based in Addis, particularly during the project reporting to the GEF.  The M&E Specialist will provide technical input to the implementation of activities with socio-economic bearing to achieve project outputs, and outcomes. Particularly, the M&E specialist shall ensure that all innovative activities are based on good socio-economic models and can be quantifiable to show the anticipated changes. The results of the project outputs and outcomes shall be captured, documented, and disseminated in technical reports and publications. Working with technical officers from relevant ministries, the M&E specialist shall be responsible for the implementation and quality control of project deliverables, particularly technical reports.
At the Country office level, the M&E Specialist will report directly to the Head of Programme through the Programme Specialist responsible for Environment and Natural Resources.

Duties and Responsibilities

In particular, the M&E Specialist will ensure that project activities and deliverables are based on best entrepreneur and socio-economic models available and that they can be delivered according to existing policies strategies and plans.  Lessons generated shall be up-scaled under strategic partnerships with existing institutions/stakeholders.  In summary, the key functions are as follows:
  • Lead development of and oversee the review of project level Monitoring &Evaluation (M&E) plan and associated work plans for each component/activity (as reflected in the project results framework),
  • Ensure that gender is mainstreaming into the M&E plan;
  • Develop TORs for M&E tasks to be carried out for consulting firms if need be (e.g. the design of surveys, studies, under the project and oversee the development of data collection tools and work of consultants. evaluations (mid-term/final evaluation), etc. by using a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods;
  • Lead the sourcing data and information for specific M&E needs directly from the partners PCU (such as budgets, staff capacity and other internal data) particularly for indicators not requiring a survey, and remember to include gender related considerations in all aspects of collecting, analysing and reporting;
  • Support technical work such as reviewing M&E methods, carrying out training needs, designing M&E and Impact Assessment tools and advising on M&E technical assistance requirement;
  • Ensure quality control of M&E outputs (e.g. surveys, or studies), including by contributing substantively to the design and field testing of the monitoring methodology;
  • Review, supervise design and implementation of the survey, participatory data collection methods and protocols, data verification techniques, and other technical evaluation and analytical tasks conducted under the project;
  • Review and provide advice related to the project results framework and indicators including development and maintenance of M&E database for the project Maintain a detailed knowledge of all relevant issues impacting the M&E area including keeping record on action taken related to adaptive management;
  • Ensuring mentoring and training of project team to foster capacity building on M&E knowledge and provide support to monitoring and evaluation missions conducted by different partners in the project.
The Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist ensures implementation of monitoring and evaluation policies and strategies including the timely delivery of the following responsibilities:
  • Participate in and contribute to the formulation of monitoring and evaluation frameworks for the GEF project, monitoring tools and processes including mainstreaming gender in all frameworks and tools;
  • Provide technical support to the project team to strengthen their monitoring and evaluation system/plan;
  • Update as necessary Monitoring and Evaluation plans, consistent with the UNDP/GEF M&E framework, in consultation with the MOWI and the National Project Coordinator;
  • Strengthen system and tools including training materials to train the MOWI team and other implementing partner’s personnel collaborating with the project and other on-site support;
  • Conduct assessment of the existing capacity in the field of M&E with gender consideration in mind, and lead the development of the implementation of a capacity development plan as per project document;
  • Contribute to project reporting progress on a quarterly basis and ensure problem solving through promptly instituting remedial actions;
  • Monitor constancies between planned and actual outputs and ensure any deviations are addressed and assist the project team in the identification of potential implementation problems and bottlenecks and recommend appropriate strategies to address them;
  • Contribute to strengthen the collection, analysis and reporting on sex-disaggregated and gender-responsive data;
  • Review the quality of existing data sources, the methods of collecting them and the degree to which they will provide good baseline data for mid-term and end of project evaluations; based on this review consult partners to develop approaches to address identified gaps;
  • Participate in preparation of Terms of Reference (TOR) for baseline, mid-term, and end-line surveys including methodology preparation and provide overall technical direction for conducting surveys as needed;
  • Identify and formulate lessons learned and document best practices from various studies to be integrated into project reports;


Corporate Competencies:
  • Demonstrate integrity by modelling the UN’s values and ethical standards;
  • Display cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability;
Functional Competencies:
  • Knowledge Management and understanding of decentralization process, gender responsive planning, budgeting and reporting
  • Knowledge and experience in working with Government Institutions and Local government in Tanzania in the context of multi stakeholder programmes
  • Demonstrated experience in supporting participatory, community based initiatives involving various vulnerable groups including women, men, youths (boys and girls) groups;
  • Knowledge of approaches and tools for capacity development in support of national and local partners in undertaking monitoring and reporting;
  • Knowledge and experience in documentation of progress reports and tracking of best practices.
  • Research and analytical skills
  • Understanding of UNDP/GEF reporting procedures
Management and Leadership:
  • Demonstrated record in building effective multi-stakeholder partnership at local level;
  • Build strong relationships with clients, focuses on impact and result for the client and respond positively to feedback;
  • Consistently approach work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude;
  • Demonstrate openness to change and ability to manage complex tasks;
  • Lead teams effectively and shows mentoring as well as conflict resolution skills;
  • Demonstrate strong oral and written communication skills;


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