Follow these Five simple ways to get a good job in Tanzania

December 14, 2016 by Stuffzoom

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There are ways you can use to get a good job quickly in Tanzania,

  • While in school or college make sure you take a competitive course not just a course because you love it, take a course that will give you a good chance to sell yourself among other candidates. Employment now days is a competitive game and everyone wants to win.
  • Don’t ever get tired to looking for a job, even don’t get disappointed doing many interviews. Just know that when you do many interviews, they build confidence in you and make you learn your mistakes.
  • Apply for a job that you think you are fit in, according to your education, skills and experience don’t just apply for a job because you have seen it advertised , This is one of the reasons why people apply for so many jobs in vein (without any Success).
  • It’s time to make new Connections everyday, and not just connections but profitable connections. Chat and hookup with those who are employed already, you will get yourself near new opportunities, This is because many companies now days advertise job vacancies internally. and thus why you will never see their vacancies advertised any where but they have new staffs everyday.
  • Don’t Ignore Social media and career websites like ,,, and A lot of jobs are available on these sites leave alone old times of news papers and magazines, everything now is online.

Wish you all the best in your career

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